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National Fiber introduces Insul-Cube -
The fast, easy and efficient way to insulate a rim joist!

Installing Insul-Cube is as easy as 1-2-3!
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1) Tear a hole in one face of the Insul-Cube, to allow for insertion of the blowing tube.
3) Slide Insul-Cube into place against the rim joist, with the 'tear side' up, and ensure even contact all around.
1) Fill Insul-Cube to the desired density, typically 3.5lbs of Cel-Pak per cubic foot.

Effective Thermal Performance!

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Other methods of insulating rim joists
may not fill the entire bay, leaving
gaps that can result in wasted energy.
Insul-Cubes fit tight and are easily molded to fit odd-sized spaces, or deal with
wires and pipes!

Save Time, Improve Efficiency and Profitability!

Insul-Cube offers up to R-49 performance*, and these
unique features:

- Class A Fire Rating
- Friction fit for easy access anytime
- One size easily adapts to any space
- Moldable around wires or pipes
- Ships flat, easy to store and handle
- High effective R-Value - R-49 when fully filled*

National Fiber's Insul-Cube :

- Saves you time!
- Improves crew productivity!
- Offers your customers a neat, finished look!
- Requires no new equipment!
- Train your crew in minutes!
- Can be removed and replaced!
- Is the cellulose installer's alternative to
  fiberglass, rigid foam board or sprayed foam!
*Based on filling Insul-Cube @3.5lbs/cf with Cel-Pak cellulose. Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.